Heavy Metal Drive-Thru

Heavy Metal Drive Thru

Heavy Metal Drive Thru is an interactive construction exhibit that allows young and old to come watch heavy equipment at work! We offer 3 different versions of the show, each featuring real heavy equipment operating and doing a variety of activities. All shows are 1 hour in length.

*Heavy Metal Drive Thru – CLASSIC: 3 pieces of heavy equipment
*Heavy Metal Drive Thru – EXTREME: 5-6 pieces of heavy equipment
*Heavy Metal Drive Thru – EXTREME DEMOLITION: 5-6 pieces of heavy equipment plus crushing of 4-6 junk cars during the show.


While the Heavy Metal Drive-Thru Classic and Extreme shows are FREE to the public, we do ask that anyone planning to attend (even just the drive-thru) please “purchase” a ticket so we can plan for traffic accordingly. General Admission tickets for the Classic and Extreme shows are FREE and include the drive-thru portion as many times as you would like to loop through as well as the free parking areas behind the front row. One TICKET per VEHICLE. We strongly recommend purchasing front row RESERVED parking spot as they will have the best view of the activities (plus you will be supporting our 26-ton small business).




Private Drive Thru Events!

Want a PRIVATE Heavy Metal Drive-Thru event for a birthday party or your neighborhood? We can schedule a private show based on availability. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate that birthday boy/girl or do something fun with a group of people while still following social distancing rules.



$300: 2 pieces of equipment
$400: 3 pieces of equipment
$500: 4 pieces of equipment


Contact Us:
[email protected]
(855) DIG 4 FUN



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a COVID-19 safe activity?

A: Yes, this activity is allowed with the modifications/rules that we have implemented. We require all visitors to remain in their vehicle and maintain appropriate distancing from each other. This is a great activity to allow you to get out of the house and see something entertaining.


Q: Can I ride my bike or just walk up to watch the Heavy Metal Drive-Thru?

A: Due to the safety of all guests and staff, we are only allowing enclosed vehicles at this time. Please no pedestrians or bicyclists.


Q: Can I get out of my car to watch when I get there?

A: Attendees MUST remain in their vehicles at all times (all activity will STOP on site if we see anyone outside of their vehicle).


Q: Can I use the bathroom inside your building?

A: Due to concerns over the COVID-19, we will not be allowing anyone to enter our building for any reason. Please use the bathroom prior to coming out.


Q: I really enjoyed the show and would like to leave a tip. How do I do that?

A: If you’d like to leave a tip for our staff after the show, we’ve set up a PayPal link for you to send money HERE. On behalf of our staff, we appreciate your support!


Q: Are there any Heavy Metal Drive Thru dates for your Texas location?

A: Because of staff availability, we are only hosting Heavy Metal Drive Thru events at our Minnesota location. We hope to be able to do this at our Texas location in the future!


Q: I would love to operate the equipment myself! How can I book an adventure with Extreme Sandbox?

A: We would LOVE to have you out to play on our excavators, bulldozers and wheel loaders. Check out our package options HERE!


April 22nd, 2020 – See official press release here!