12 Unique Corporate Events in Minneapolis

Choosing the right venue for your corporate event can be an intimidating task. You don’t want to pick something where everybody gets bored within the first five minutes. But, you also won’t choose something that gives your team a unique experience where they can grow closer and have something to remember for months to come. 

Luckily, Minneapolis offers some great options to provide your team with a new experience. 

At Extreme Sandbox, we let you play on construction equipment and focus on giving you a truly unique, once in a lifetime experience. 

Whether you’re young or old, an individual or group event, you’ll have a blast. 

So with that, here is a list of the best corporate events Minneapolis has to offer


Big Thrill Factory

Website: https://www.bigthrillfactory.com/

Description: Get the party started at Minnesota’s most exciting corporate event venues with options ranging from a casual happy hour to fully customized corporate event packages. The games and attractions help you grow as a team, all while having fun! Big Thrill Factory has your company covered as they have plenty of office quality meeting spaces whether you’re planning an event for 20 people or 1,000 people. There is a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities from throwing axes to taking on their ropes course. After learning the objectives of what you want, there is a dedicated group of event planners that will put this plan into place for your team. There is also a menu crafted by chefs that is perfect for both large and small scale events. 

Escape The Room

Website: https://escapetheroom.com/

Description: Escape The Room puts players into real-life situations where they must work together to solve a series of challenging puzzles all over a certain period of time. This escape room will test your knowledge and keep you well entertained as you partake in the best escape room in the country. 

Developed by theme park engineers, set designers, as well as puzzle designers, Escape The Room gives you realistic and interactive scenarios to work with. Starting in October 2013, Escape The Room has turned into one of the top known live games and entertainment companies in the United States. 


Website: https://pinstripes.com/

Description: Pinstripes was made for people to gather and celebrate with each other while participating in sophisticated and fun opportunities. Hang around the fire pit and take on your friends in a game of bocce. Tie up your shoes and take a run at bowling in the rendition of the classic game. All this while enjoying Italian-American cuisine from their scratch kitchen. 

MN Pro Paintball

Website: https://mnpropaintball.com/

Description: MN Pro Paintball offers over 200 football fields worth of pure battlefield heaven that will test your inner warrior across multiple terrains and topography. Make your way through wetlands and forests, or sprint across death valley. Your party will take part in specialized missions inspired by real combat scenarios, with 15 battlefield themes to choose from.

All members of the party will take the field equipped with tactical equipment needed to conquer enemies. You can take out your opponents with semi-automatic paintball rifles, throw paint grenades and take out your opponent, or use smoke grenades for cover. This tactical equipment will bring the battlefield to life, and give you the experience of a lifetime.


Website: https://topgolf.com/us/

Description: Topgolf is your premier entertainment destination where everyone is bound to have a great time. 

No matter what the occasion, Topgolf believes that every great time is started with play, fueled by food and drinks, driven by music, and made possible through community. 

While it is called Topgolf, there is no pressure to have a Tiger-esque golf swing and score a lot of points. It’s all for the fun of the game and everyone enjoying each other’s company. 

With a combination of technology and entertaining, Topgolf has made socializing into a sport. You’ll find this place loaded with energy on any given day you decide to come through. A great feature of Topgolf is that it features climate-controlled bay areas making it comfortable for any time of the year along with HDTVs in each bay, and in their sports bar and restaurant areas. 

The food at Topgolf is also something that isn’t taken lightly. Inside each location, there is an accomplished executive chef with an experienced team using high-quality ingredients. 


Website: https://www.whirlyballtwincities.com/

Description: WhirlyBall is a sport where you you’ll break off into teams and take each other on in the WhirlyBall court. Your transportation comes in the form of a bumper car, and your equipment is a scooper object similar to a lacrosse stick. The objective is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. This can be done through strategy and planning, or just wing it and come up with a plan on the fly. The games are under a time limit and points are tallied by a referee as you go. 

WhirlyBall is a game that is great for people of all ages, and anyone is able to become a WhirlyBall star. 

You are allowed up to 10 players on the court at one time. If there are more, you can rotate in and out and grab a drink between games. 

Way Cool Cooking School

Website: https://waycoolcookingschool.com/

Description: This team building/corporate event experience is for everyone and anyone. Every event is customized in order to meet the needs and desires of the group with the assistance of their experienced event planners and chefs. This is an event that your staff will talk about long after their experience. This is a great way to bring your team together to improve communication, strengthen your bond, and celebrate together while enjoying the delicious food you make. 


Website: http://prokartindoor.com/

Description: At the Burnsville location of ProKART, carts are run on power-boosting and low-emission renewable methanol to give you a true racing experience. You will be blown away by the consistency and performance of these karts. Whether you’re an experienced driver or just hitting the track for the first time, there are options for everyone. ProKART has two different locations with top of the line equipment and meeting rooms. They pride themselves in providing top class karting and facilities. There are a variety of different options so your business can tailor its requirements and budget that give you the chance to make your next event a memorable one. 

Game Show Battle Rooms

Website: https://www.gameshowbattlerooms.com/minneapolis

Description: Game Show Battle Rooms has the ability to hold anywhere from 8 to 64 people in the building at once. With two different game show arenas to experience: The Classic Showdowns and the Primetime Showdowns. Game Show Battle Rooms has hosted hundreds of corporate events, small business teams, and non-profit groups, and is a great place for all types of team-building experiences. With larger groups of 19 plus, they give you a custom 1.5 hour experience instead of the regular one hour limit. During this time, your team will rotate every 10-15 minutes between being the live audience and a contestant so that everyone gets a chance on the game shows. 


Website: https://www.bowlero.com/

Description: The place where work meets play. Every corporate outing turns a little more interesting after you’ve had a couple drinks, are holding a bowling ball, getting after it in the arcade, or taking on the head honcho themselves in a bowl-off. Bowlero will bring everyone together and give you an event to remember. The office parties are full of backlight bowling, incredible food and beverages, and high energy that allows everyone to let loose and enjoy themselves and their company. The process is very easy and not stressful at all with event planners that give you the one on one attention and turnout you deserve.  

Zero Gravity MN

Website: https://zerogravitymn.com/

Description: Who said you can’t have great team building by plotting to take down your fellow workers in a friendly match of laser tag and dodgeball. At Zero Gravity, you are able to take on your competitive spirit and blow off some steam through the fun activities they have available to you. Have fun playing laser tag in the laser tag arena, and after that, take on your co-workers and shoot some hoops, or head over to the dodgeball arena to show how your team can work together and come up with strategies to win. 

Extreme Sandbox

Website: https://www.extremesandbox.com/

Description: Extreme Sandbox is the perfect place to enjoy an experience together. Catering to all group and event types, we are the perfect spot for your corporate team building event giving you an experience that is not offered anywhere else. We are able to accommodate groups of all sizes and offer standard packages for groups up to 10, and custom packages for groups of 10 to 100+ participants. We can work with outside planners, or can be your one-stop-shop and plan out everything from catering to your transportation. Reach out to us if you have any questions or specific requests. We look forward to having you. 

We hope this list of Best Corporate Events Minneapolis was helpful and helps to give your employees a memorable experience to bond over.